Where to find the best coffee in Paris


It’s no secret that I love coffee. I don’t drink it a lot, and I don't use it to perk me up (I’m perky enough already, right?), but seeking out new and interesting coffees is definitely one of my favourite things to do.

When I moved to Paris I was pretty sad that the coffee served in traditional street side cafés was expensive, even by Paris standards (€5 for a single espresso!), and gross. Burned beans, so many coffee grounds in the bottom of the cup that you can’t drink the last 1/3…nope! I was worried that this was just how the French enjoyed their coffee, but luckily I soon discovered the Parisian artisan coffee scene. I haven’t looked back since! In no particular order, here are a few of my favourites. To avoid repeating myself, you can join in by adding “yeah, for Paris!” any time I mention prices. Let’s practice:

Me: It’s quite reasonably priced

Chorus: Yeah, for Paris!

Now you’re fully briefed, lets go!



“Grab your coat, we’re meeting at Honor

I first discovered Honor on a chilly winter weekend while my in-laws were visiting. Making a decision of “where shall we go next?” with any group of people can be tricky, so we were all jazzed to realise we were just round the corner from Honor when our tummies started rumbling!

It’s a sort of a pimped out coffee cart with seating in the back. It gets pretty cosy but the coffee is good, the food is good, and the music is tip top, if you like Elton John and slightly obscure 70s folk, which I wholeheartedly DO! Just remember to wrap up warm if you go in winter.

Try ordering: the guest espresso. Whatever it is, it’ll be delicious!

Address: 54 Rue Du Faubourg St Honoré, 75008 Paris

Screenshot 2019-02-12 16.21.04.png


Newly opened in 2018, Partisan is just a short walk from my apartment, which may make me a little biased. It serves great coffee, at a reasonable price, and they often have a selection of cakes on offer. It’s definitely the biggest independent café I’ve been to in Paris (seriously, it’s MASSIVE!), but the tables are well spaced out so it always feels bright and airy. One of the things I love about Partisan is that they roast their own coffee, which means that they often have something new and different to try, and the baristas know exactly how to prepare each brew.

Try ordering: El Salvador Chemex

Address: 36 Rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris


Let’s not kid ourselves: Loustic is never going to win any awards for being an overly friendly café, but sometimes it’s nice to grab a great quality coffee without too much chat. On their website they provide this nugget of wisdom:

“We look forward to meeting you. Just one thing though. Please avoid using the words ‘flat’ and ‘white’ in the same sentence”

I love artisan coffee as much as the next hipster, but I’m a firm believer that people can drink their coffee however they like it, not the ‘right’ way, however you wish to define it.

They change their coffees frequently so you can always try something new, and the bank of seating opposite the counter is a great use of the space.

Try ordering: A flat white (if you dare, ha!)

Address: 40 Rue Chapon, 75003 Paris



Remember when I said that (in my experience) traditional Parisian cafés serve terrible coffee? Well here’s the exception to the rule. Fontaine de Belleville has the look of a quintessential Parisian café, but with GREAT coffee. Belleville Brûlerie roast their own beans, and they have a handful of other cafés around Paris so you’re never too far from a great cup of coffee. Filter coffee has earned a bad name for itself over the years, but Belleville are bringing it back to life one batch brew at a time. Vive le torréfacteur!

Try ordering: A cup of the batch brew.

Address: 31-33 Rue Juliette Dodu, 75010 Paris

Screenshot 2019-02-12 16.23.21.png


Cuppa is another newbie to the Paris coffee scene, and it’s safe to say it’s here to stay. The staff are sweet (as in gentle and polite, not as in “maaaaaan they be sweet”), and suggested we try leaving our coffee for a few minutes before drinking it to let the aromas diffuse. I think. Maybe they percolated? Either way, our batch brew tasted tip top as we sat in the window seat watching the world go by.

Try ordering: the batch brew. Let me know what the aromas do!

Address: 86 Rue de l'Université, 75007 Paris

Do you have a favourite coffee place in Paris? Come and say hi on Instagram and let me know if I need to add to this list!

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