Moon pin

Moon pin


Moon laser cut pin badge.

The moon is almost as old as the Earth, at around 4.5 billion years old. Most scientists believe that it probably formed when an asteroid hit the Earth and a big chunk of rock was fired off into space. It didn't make it out of the Earth's gravitational field though, and has continued to orbit ever since. The dents and craters you can see on the moon (and in this pin badge!) are evidence that the moon has been pummelled by all manner of space debris over its lifetime. It doesn't have an atmosphere like the Earth, so anything flying through space just smacks into it, instead of being burned up in an atmosphere. Poor moon!

I designed this tiny pin badge shortly after finishing my PhD in Astrophysics! It combines my love of science and laser cut jewellery. I hope you love it as much as I do.

This pin badge is the perfect gift for any astronomy fan! If you have any questions, just send me a message.

Approximate size:
Diameter: 1.4cm (1/2")
Depth: 0.3cm (1/8")
Fasening: standard pin back with metal clasp

Cherry wood & metal clasp
Please note that the grain of the wood varies between pieces and sometime features knots etc, so your piece of jewellery will be one of a kind.

Care tips:
This pin badge is made from wood, so make sure it stays dry. No accidental trips in the washing machine, please!

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