Lovell Telescope cufflinks

Lovell Telescope cufflinks


Lovell Telescope cufflinks:

The Lovell Telescope (named after radio astronomer Bernard Lovell) stands at an impressive 76m tall; these cherry wood cufflinks are at 1 : 3040 scale.

This telescope is particularly special to me because it can be found at the Jodrell Bank Observatory, just a few miles from my home town. It provides data for astronomical research at the University of Manchester and the rest of the world!

Each set of cufflinks comes in a Cepheid Studio branded box, ready to gift.

Approximate size:
Diameter: 2.5cm (1")
Fastening: standard cufflink back

Cherry wood & metal cufflink backs.
Please note that the grain of the wood varies between pieces and sometime features knots etc, so your piece of jewellery will be one of a kind.

Care tips:
These cufflinks are made from wood, so make sure they stay dry. No accidental trips in the washing machine, please!

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