Constellation yoga pants

Constellation yoga pants


Say hello to your new favourite yoga pants!

I designed these astronomically accurate yoga pants from my studio right here in Paris. They show all 88 constellations (count ‘em!) which have been used for millennia to tell stories, for navigation, and as a frame of reference for other astronomical observations. Each culture maps these groups of stars slightly differently, so i’ve chosen to use the International Astronomical Union standards to make these leggings as scientifically accurate as possible. I’ve even drawn each star to scale relative to its neighbours.

Did you know that although the stars in a given constellation look like they’re close together, they’re actually incredibly far apart. For example, one of the stars in Orion is 243 light years away from Earth, whereas another is an incredible 1360 light years away. Wild! If we looked at the stars from anywhere else in the universe we wouldn’t be able to recognise the constellations at all because they’re specific to our unique vantage point. I’m sure humans would have come up with 88 new ones, though.

Designed by me in Paris, made in the EU with the help of a lovely company who have the coverstitch sewing machines I’ve always wanted. Pale blue stars and constellation lines on a navy sky background.

Approximate sizes:
(see last two photos for detailed sizing)
XS: waist 64cm (25”), hips 90cm (35”)
S: waist 68cm (27”), hips 94cm (37”)
M: waist 72cm (29”), hips 98cm (39”)
L: waist 80cm (31”), hips 106cm (42”)
XL: waist 88cm (35”), 114cm (45”)

18% elastane
82% polyester

Care instructions:
Machine wash on a cool cycle, tumble dry on low heat. Do not iron, bleach or dry clean.

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