A big announcement!

I’ve been teasing it on social media for a while now, but it’s finally time to tell you more about my rebrand which is coming on 31st January 2019!

I first started making dresses under the name ‘Becky, Queen of Frocks’ way back in 2010. I was just leaving university and was making use of my new sewing machine, and the name was a fun play on the classic dresses I was making, alongside my Scottish heritage.

After graduation my dressmaking fell by the wayside for a few years until I moved to Brighton, found my kind of people, and was inspired to open my first online shop.

My shop and product lines have evolved a lot since those early days, and increasingly the old ‘Frocks’ name just hasn’t felt like me any more. That’s pretty ironic since the old name had my actual name in it and the new name doesn’t, but there you go!

I wanted my new branding to reflect the scientific nature of most of my products, and also give me more room to grow in the future. I also wanted the name to have astronomical significance without being too ‘spacey’.

So, without further ado, let me welcome you to…


The main inspiration behind ‘Cepheid Studio’ came from the fact that some of my most popular products are the most scientifically detailed ones. I launched my astronomically accurate jewellery collection in 2017 I’m proud to say that I’m a stickler for scientific accuracy in everything I do. For example, in my solar system necklace I’ve made sure that the distances between the planets to scale, and their sizes are proportional too!

I use rulers and computer programmes to measure the things I’m working with, but astronomers wishing to measure the distance to objects in the universe can’t work in the same way. Instead they use ‘Cepheid variables’, which are pulsating stars. In 1908 Henrietta Swan Leavitt discovered that there was a strong relationship between the luminosity of these stars, and how fast they were pulsating. This meant that, if we observe the pulsation rate of a Cepheid variable, we also know its luminosity. And if we compare this intrinsic luminosity to the apparent magnitude we can observe from the Earth, we can calculate how far away the star is. BOOM! They’re like astronomical rulers!

What will the rebrand involve?

I’ll still be making the same awesome products, and lots more! The only thing to change will be my branding. If you want to be the first to see my new website, make sure you sign up to my mailing list or follow me on Instagram.

If you’re a wholesale customer you’ll be receiving an email next week with a few more details, but the short version is that it’ll be business as usual.

Is your shop still open?

Yes indeed! Between now and the 31st January you can shop as usual and you’ll be getting some of the very last ‘Becky, Queen of Frocks’ branded pieces in existence! Here’s some inspiration…