2018 Summer Updates!


Summer is here!

It's traditional for Parisians to escape the city in August and swap their super chic apartments for their holiday homes in the south of France. Last year I naively thought 'but how many people actually do that? Surely the city won't be that empty!'. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong! All our favourite independent shops and cafés were closed for weeks on end, and the streets were overrun with tourists. So this year I'm going to channel my inner Parisian and take a trip!

I'll tell you more about my plans in a future blog, and the following dispatch times will apply from Friday 27th July so I have the flexibility to eat croissants and sip wine 'til the cows come home:

Dispatch times

I'll be taking a small amount of stock with me so lots of ready-to-shop items will still be dispatched within 2 working days. This includes all necklaces and ties.

Made-to-measure items will be available to purchase throughout the summer, but they won't ship until the first week of September.

Wholesale orders

All wholesale orders placed over the summer will be shipped during the week commencing 10th September.

Roll up, roll up!

If there's anything you were thinking about ordering, or something you need ASAP, now's the time to place your order! After Friday 27th July I'll be on a pastry high. Here are a few things to whet your appetite...