Etsy UK Captains' Summit 2016

A couple of weekends ago, Rachel (from REW Homeware) and I were suuuuuper excited to be heading off to our first Etsy UK Captains' Summit in Cambridge to represent the Nottingham Etsy Team!We're a relatively new team but Nottingham has an amazing creative community so our team has gone from strength to strength over the last 9 months.

Here we are looking effortlessly cool with a cheeky bit of Etsy branding:



The summit started bright and early on the Saturday morning, where we drank lots of coffee and found these packs waiting for us with pens, notebooks and wooden name tags. Each tag seemed to be painted with a different shade of orange....Susannah assured us that we were overthinking the situation, but I wasn't so sure....!

Here's Karli from the Brighton Etsy Team getting straight to the Instagramming - it was great to catch up with lots of our pals from Etsy teams across the country, including (but not limited to!) Glasgow, Merseyside, Birmingham and Portsmouth!


We had lots of great sessions presented by different members of Etsy staff, including one on design by Anda - here she is working the room (with Melodie from the London Local Team sneaking in there!)



We also had breakout sessions in smaller groups, which challenged us to think outside the box when it comes to planning events for our teams. Can you spot Rachel in the group below, presenting their idea for a tranquil community garden selling event?

As with all good Etsy events, there was plenty of photo booth action



On the Saturday night before dinner we went exploring around the place we were staying (the Moller Centre in Cambridge), and found a spiral staircase that led up to a fancy 360 degree balcony! We tried to pose for a selfie, but this was the best we could muster...




One of the other great aspects of the summit was being able to sit down with Rachel and talk through all our plans for the Nottingham Etsy Team in 2016 - we'll be hosting a craft party and an Etsy Made Local event in addition to our regular meet ups, so we'll have to be incredibly organised!

To round off the round up, here are a couple of photos of Ajeet and Rachel faffing about with lots of Etsy flags - keep an out for them adorning the tables of our next Nottingham Etsy Team meet up!