Hello from Cepheid Studio

Hello indeed!

It’s been almost two weeks since my rebrand, so I think it’s high time to get re-acquainted.

Cepheid Studio

I’m Becky, and I’m the person behind Cepheid Studio. I’m originally from the UK but now I live in Paris with my husband and our ukuleles. Here are a few more things you may or may not know about me…

  • My French is actually pretty good! Not so great that a French person would think I’m French of course, but good enough to chat with friends, discuss wine (we live in France, after all!), and ask complicated questions at the tax office.

  • When I was little I collected socks. I had about 30 pairs and they wouldn’t fit in my drawer any more so I wrote to the Guinness Book of Records. They got back to me pretty quickly, and asked me to let them know when I had a few thousand pairs, oops!

  • Don’t worry though, I managed to break a world record eventually, and for something much cooler than silly ol’ socks*. I’m talking about the WORLD RECORD FOR THE MOST PEOPLE DRESSED AS ROBIN HOOD IN ONE PLACE! If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

  • I love listening to Podcasts. Some of my current favourites are No Such Thing As A Fish, Stuff You Should Know, and Answer Me This.

  • My favourite colour is, always has been, and always will be, green. All green, all day, thank you very much.

  • I love having a tidy email inbox. It doesn’t make so much sense any more now it’s easier to just look for a particular email using the search bar, but it makes me feel so organised to have no emails hanging around in my inbox.

  • As a child I loved getting letters, but now I feel pretty anxious whenever anything unexpected arrives in case it’s something scary. Not that it ever HAS been anything scary, but my irrational mind doesn’t know that. As a result, I always open my mail really quickly because the reality is always WAY less scary than my imagination.

  • I love DIY in all aspects of my life. House renovation? Yup! Cheese? Yes please! Handmade mittens? Sure! I’m always up for making something from scratch.

I’d love to get to know you too! Either post some of your fun facts in the comments below, or head on over to Instagram to join in the fun.

*I’m sorry socks, I love you really!