My makes of 2015: Circle skirt

This is the third instalment in my 'Makes of 2015' series, in which I'm shining the spotlight on my unsung makes of 2015 - you know, the ones I've been wearing so much that I've forgotten to shout about them! If you missed the last instalment you can find it here.As you probably know by now, my parents live in Malaysia which means I'm in the very happy position of being overwhelmed by fabric options whenever I go to visit. The fabric used in this project was chosen for me though (by my mum), which means it's slightly different to anything else I already have. Yippee!


As you can see from the photo above, if you take your eyes off Mr Frocks' cheeky face for just a moment, the fabric is quite sheer and hints at being a bit see-through when the light shines through it. That's why initially I thought I'd have to add a lining to this skirt, but in the end it was adding too much bulk and there's so much fabric in a circle skirt that the drapiness (again, spell check doesn't think that's a word but it *definitely* is!) means that you very rarely get to peep through just one layer, so actually it's not see-though at all. Phew!






Because I just made this skirt for fun (rather than as a blog post or tutorial) I don't have any other photos of the making process, but making circle skirts is so easy and so fun that I thought I'd whip up a quick diagram to show you how I drafted my pattern for this skirt. Note that it also has deep pockets, which are great for putting my keys and phone in (handy) and mean that the weight of stuff in them holds the skirt down a bit in the wind (practical!).

So there we have it, the world's most floaty circle skirt!

P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for next week's 'how to self-draft a circle skirt' tutorial!