Planet coasters

Planet coasters

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Solar system coasters: choose your planets!

The inspiration for these planet coasters came when I accidentally put my cup of tea on my own half moon necklace while I was getting ready one morning. It was the perfect size for a mug! Since then I’ve honed their design, coating each piece in multiple layers of varnish to ensure they’ll stay looking tip top for years to come.

You can buy your coasters either in pairs, sets of four, or the whole solar system!

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Have you ever wondered why the planets are all in a line? That's because they originally formed from a disc of material that was rotating around the Sun. Over time, this material started to clump together to form the planets we see today.

I design and laser cut these coasters right here in my Paris studio. Each set comes in a Cepheid Studio branded gift box.

Approximate size:
8.5cm (3.5”) in diameter
4mm (1/8”) thick

Coaster options:
Mercury, Venus, Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto

Varnished oak veneer

Care instructions:
Although these coasters are varnished and have been thoroughly tested with many cups of tea, please note that they are primarily decorative and that keeping them clean and dry will help them last for years to come.

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