Moon phases cufflinks

Moon phases cufflinks


Gibbous moon cufflinks:

A 'gibbous moon' is the shape the moon appears when it's part-way between a full moon and a half moon. If you want to get technical, it's when the sun is at an angle of between 90 and 180 degrees ('waxing gibbous phase'), or 180 and 270 degrees ('waning gibbous phase'), with relation to the moon, as seen from Earth. The word 'gibbous' comes from the Latin 'gibbus', which means humped or bent. That's exactly how the moon appears during it's gibbous phase!

Each set of cufflinks comes in a Cepheid Studio branded box, ready to gift!.

Approximate size:
Height: 1.5cm (5/4")
Width: 0.7cm (1/8")
Depth: 1.5cm (5/8")
Fastening: standard cufflink back

Cherry wood & metal cufflink backs.
Please note that the grain of the wood varies between pieces and sometime features knots etc, so your piece of jewellery will be one of a kind.

Care tips:
These cufflinks are made from wood, so make sure they stay dry. No accidental trips in the washing machine, please!

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