Electromagnetic spectrum necklace

Electromagnetic spectrum necklace


Electromagnetic spectrum laser cut necklace.

The electromagnetic spectrum shows the range of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. At the left-hand side of this necklace are high-frequency micro-waves. In the middle is visible light, and at the right-hand side are radio waves. the closer together the wibbles, the higher the frequency!

This necklace is available as either a cut-out wave, so you can see through the spectrum, or as an engraved spectrum.

This necklace comes in a Cepheid Studio branded gift box as standard (see last listing pictures).

All my items are beautifully finished and are hand-made by me in my Paris studio.

Approximate sizes:
Height (between highest and lowest points): 2cm (3/4")
Width: 10cm (4")
Depth: 0.3cm (1/8")
Chain length: 45cm (18")

Cherry wood & silver plated chain.
Please note that the grain of the wood varies between pieces and sometime features knots etc, so your piece of jewellery will be one of a kind.

Care tips:
This necklace is made from wood, so make sure it stays dry. No accidental trips in the washing machine, please!
The chain is silver plated, so to keep it in tip-top condition you should keep it away from soaps, makeup, perfumes, and other chemicals.

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