Crab nebula tie

Crab nebula tie


Crab nebula print tie - the perfect groomsmen gift for any astronomer.

The Crab Nebula formed about a thousand years ago, and is the remnant of a supernova that was written about by Chinese astronomers in 1054. Apparently that supernova was so bright that, despite being 6500 light years away, it could be seen during the day on Earth!

Using high-resolution astronomical images, each tie starts life on my computer so I can place the most interesting parts of the nebula down the centre of the tie. I then get my designs custom-printed onto high-quality organic cotton in Europe. I make each tie by hand (and sewing machine!) in my Parisian apartment, before carefully packaging it in a beautiful branded box so it's ready to gift.

All my items are beautifully finished and are 100% hand made by me in my Paris studio.

Image credit: Hubble via STScI. The observations were taken by Hubble’s Wide Field Camera 3.

Approximate size:
Length: 60" (150cm)
Width of point: 3.5" (8cm)

100% organic cotton sateen

Care instructions:
Gently spot-clean with a damp cloth.

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